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Other health and wellness services offered in the greater Billings area

If you're looking for holistic health and wellness services for a condition that's ailing you, Sunrise Health is your best choice for a variety of non-traditional medical health and wellness services in the Bridger, Montana area. In addition to ZEB (Zero Energy Balancer), BIOPTRON Light Therapy and access consciousness, we also offer:

Essential oils

Tinctures and salves

Ion foot baths

Crystal healings

Quantum healings

Infrared sauna

Customized and natural substances

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Schedule an appointment today

Whether you're looking for a daily, natural supplement or you're dealing with chronic pain, there's a health and wellness service for you at Sunrise Health in the greater Billings area . No matter what you're facing, our natural health consultant can find the right health and wellness services to meet your needs. Discover the benefits of natural health when you call 307-360-6693 today.